We are going to start off with some examples for you to assess the biggest TV program. The first two this month, are SABC 1 and SABC 2.

Below you will see an analysis done using our TV software that shows:


  • Day and date of broadcast
  • The channel from-to
  • Programme title
  • Genre
  • AR (AMPS Rating), but now commonly referred to as TV Rating
  • Number of views and
  • % Share



Key Takeouts that you should be looking for:


  1. Majority of the top 20 programmes are during weekdays
  2. Dates of broadcast are spread throughout the month
  3. Majority of these high reaching programmes are found between 18h00-20h30
  4. Uzalo, a drama, along with Generations a soap, and Skeem Saam another drama, are the top 3 programmes.
  5. These achieve between 17.5 and 24.7 TV Ratings. This in comparison to other stations is massive. But remember, that SABC 1 is the largest station in SA, so this is what is expected of the station.
  6. Share of audience of the station = 60.1 – 66.5%, i.e. +- 2/3 of the stations audience were watching these programmes rather than others at that time.
  7. Always take cognisance of how you and your family view TV. You may be watching Generations, but your family may either not be watching anything at all, or they may be watching some other programme on a different TV set.  You never all sit down and watch the same programme at the same time.
  8. Note that this analysis was done against ALL ADULTS. This means that of the total universe (which of course in this instance is the largest in comparison to say your target which may be ALL WOMEN 25+, or ALL ADULTS, UPPER INCOME etc., which obviously will be a smaller group) is 34 147 000.
  9. 8 425 500 adults 15+ watched Uzalo in December. This equates to about 25% of the total TV viewing population.

How does this help in planning and assessing your TV plan?


  1. You need a balance in your spot selection. The article What is a TV Rating tells you that you cannot only choose 5 Star hotels for you holiday.  You are working to a budget and you need to select a variety of accommodation types in order for you to have a decent break.
  2. So you can choose the top rating programmes on TV, but you will also need to select others.
  3. If you only select one programme, you will reach only those people who watch that programme and are loyal to it. This means that your reach will be limited; your frequency of exposure high. You don’t only watch one programme, (let alone on TV station) therefore don’t expect your target to do so.
  4. You need to have a balance of high Ratings, low Ratings, mid-Ratings and so on, to ensure that you get a decent cover (reach) of all people within your target as well as meeting your frequency of exposure objectives that your strategist would have set.

See if you can analyse the top programmes on SABC 2 below:




To show you in a more graphic form the following bar charts were compiled from the above data.