Search engine optimization or SEO for short is an internet marketing strategy implemented through the process of producing content in a particular way in order to increase online visibility. Simply put, you produce strategically enhanced content to make your brand easier to find and gain website traffic.


Organic or Paid SEO

SEO can be incorporated through either and organic or paid approach. An organic SEO approach involves adopting an SEO strategy for free. By implementing an algorithm driven strategy, organic SEO makes
a website, search engine friendly, and increases it’s ranking in search engine results. Organic SEO relies on content relevancy, meta tags and spreading links in order to produce successful results for a website. Organic SEO produces long term results but can take a long time to produce successful results when compared to paid SEO.

A paid SEO approach involves paying for your website links to appear in certain spaces within search engine results. You can pay for your links to pop up at the very top of search engine results or target the search engine results of a particular market.

It is no surprise that Google SEO currently leads the SEO pack. The easiest and most effective way to get started with SEO is with Google and the easiest way to monitor SEO success is with Google Analytics. Google’s SEO approach focuses on keywords, link building and content promotion. Google offers both organic and paid SEO assistance to suit the unique requirements of each and every online brand.

Do you need SEO?

If your business is online in any way it is extremely important to maintain a strong online presence. The online marketing world is a highly competitive space where many websites are easily lost in the crowd. As online consumers, we know that nothing beyond the first page of google results matters. SEO is therefore an important internet marketing strategy to adopt with any online business. There is almost no point in having an online section of your business without SEO. There is nothing worse than consumers searching for your product and not being able to find it. Stop losing out on business opportunities and implement SEO today.