Is your TV campaign a Series, or a Movie or a Magazine Programme?  Perhaps it is the News or a Soapie?

Let us equate your campaign to a typical TV type genre so that you can work out the best way of flighting your ads – or phasing your ads.

A series is generally a programme such as “Suits”; on every week for about 12 weeks, on a certain station, on a particular day and at a specific time.  Then the next series starts about 5 months later.

A magazine programme like Carte Blanch is on every Sunday every week.   The news can be on all the time like CNN or could be only on 3 times a day i.e. as on SABC.  A movie is a once off.


So ask yourself: what is my TV campaign and how should it be flighted?


Well, we know that it is not going to be a 24-hour news channel – you simply can’t afford that.  But should it be on only once a week? Is it a Soapie – on every day?  Great if you can afford that – but not many brands can.

Phasing/Flighting/Laydown – this is the strategic “shape” to work out prior to planning your TV campaign

These will determine how you plan and buy your TV Ratings across the weeks and also what “weight” you allocate to each.

The most commonly used shapes – as they are called – are:

  • Burst
  • Drip
  • Pulse


The Burst Strategy


  • Heavy weight advertising over a space of time.
  • Gains high reach = high awareness, quickly
  • 400 TVRs as an example: 100 each week, over 4 weeks.
  • Usually for new product launches and seasonal brands
  • Often accompanied thereafter by a Drip strategy



The Drip Strategy


  • Lighter weight over a longer time period.
  • For a slow-burn campaign
  • Builds reach slowly over time
  • On air for as long a time as possible
  • 400 TVRs = +- 50 TVRs per week over 8
  • Effective for low interest categories, or brands that are wanting to be out there on a constant reminder basis, i.e. toilet paper.
  • No seasonality
  • Consistence presence to activate target market.


The Pulse Strategy

  • Depending on the creativity and interest levels of your ad, most people will remember the ad fairly well.
  • Limited budget and needing to be on air as often as possible – then this is probably the best route to take.
  • Week on week off for example.
  • 400 TVRs = +- 100 ratings every 2nd week for about 8 weeks.



Note – yes, focus here please.


When determining what sort of flighting strategy you need, it is important to:

  1. Establish how many people in your target audience need to see the ad
  2. And how often
  3. This will mean determining Reach and Frequency Objectives
  4. This will dictate the number of TVRs that are needed.
  5. Speak to us – we know which strategy will work for your brand.