Consumer insights are key to any successful and well planned marketing campaign. They tell you where to advertise, how to advertise and who to advertise to. Unfortunately the outdated LSM module fails to present valuable consumer insights for the marketing industry today. It is therefore up to Brands to source insightful media and consumer research in order to ensure an effective and fruitful marketing campaign.

Missed Insights = Failed Campaign

There are countless examples of how missed insights can be detrimental to a Brands success and reputation. One of these examples recently surfaced surrounding the online clothing brand Marvaan and their latest advertising campaign for AfrikaBurn fashion.  AfrikaBurn is coming up in April and as festival goers prepare for their week long stay in the dessert utopia, many of them are putting a lot of thought into what they are going to wear at the event. Marvaan have recently launched a festival range and have received some online scrutiny after advertising the Brand to AfrikaBurn festival goers on Social Media.

This can be attributed to a missed consumer insight

AfrikaBurn festival goers believe in highlighting their individuality and expressing themselves through their festival outfits. The entire message surrounding AfrikaBurn is to create a space without the influence and limitations of money and branding. This simply means that AfrikaBurn festival goers are highly unlikely to purchase a expensive off-the-shelf clothing item with the specific intention of wearing it to the event. Marvaan completely missed the consumer insight which as a result had negative implications for the brand online.

Consumer insights is the most valuable information that Brands need to be able to compete in the advertising world today. Doing the proper research in order to gain a better understanding of your consumer can be the difference between a successful and failed campaign.