Advertisers have been Piggybacking off sports events for years. This is either physical advertising at the event or advertising on the platforms that broadcasting the events.  Viewers see large amounts of paid-for advertising at sports events: next to the field, or at half time on the screen from which you are watching.  As time progresses, more types of events are live-streaming via the web and broadcast on traditional TV.  One event often overlooked is eSports (gaming).

The biggest eSports prize pool: $20m

The League of Legends International World Championship had 360 million hours of viewing, 396 million total cumulative daily unique impressions, 23 broadcasts in 18 languages and $6.7 million dollars to distribute to the winners, of which $3 million was crowd funded (paid for by thousands of gamers).  League of Legends wasn’t the highest earning E-sports winnings.  The 2016 Dota 2 internationals which had a prize pool of $20,770,460.  The prize pools have almost doubled within 2 years showing the massive growth of eSports.

eSports GraphThe number of viewers of eSports events is even more impressive given that most viewers have made the effort to live-stream the event whereas more than 95% of the viewers of field sports are through broadcasted television.  Due to many of these games having only been created long after the field sports like basketball and football, the growth shown by eSports is very positive and should only become more impressive as the years go on.

eSports KeyboardEsports are set to grow

What does this mean for advertising and media?  eSports advertising is definitely a place to be looking at if you want to go for a more experimental media type.  Its growth is massive, showing viewers are committed to the sport, and the money involved is unprecedented.

So what are you waiting for?  Jump on the eSports train and get your advertisements out to millions of people instantly through in-game advertising or advertising at these huge events.