1. Agility
Moving your market research team in-house gives you the possibility to customise your research. It means you can ask the questions you want to ask, and get the answers you need.
2. No delays
When you have an urgent meeting or upcoming presentation, having an in-house research team means you can impress new clients fast. This is beneficial for long-term research projects too, as updates on the research progress are at your fingertips.
3. Cost-efficiency
While employed an outside agency may have its benefits, developing an in-house marketing research team could help you cut down on costs. This is especially relevant to small businesses and start-ups, but even large companies will cut down on the cost of running basic surveys by reinforcing internal research.
4. Ownership
Conducting research in-house gives you full ownership of your data and reports. You can share insights at your discretion, to your benefit. It also bolsters security, by reducing the risk of leakages by an external agency.
5. Strategy
Producing up-to-date and relevant research will set you apart. An in-house research team is not only beneficial to the business, but also to the researchers. Involving your research team in strategy as well as data crunching will ultimately produce better results as data is collected with a clear objective in mind.