Billboards and radio are fantastic.  They have been a focal point of our media discussions for years.  Great, big, impressive boards that line the road enjoy excellent visibility – if you look out the window.  Engaging, entertaining and funny radio stations lighten up lives to the point that in bigger centres (like Sandton) one can often see other drivers laughing at the same joke cracked on radio.

But media is evolving and we are spending more and more time with our devices.  From the teenager wearing earphones, engrossed a Snapchat video to the businessman going through reports on the iPad, there are a number of things ready to distract us from the ‘traditional’ in-car media.

In a recent set of surveys, we asked a repeat question to those who said they don’t drive themselves (people who either take a taxi, an Uber, a bus or merely a passenger while someone else is in the driving seat.  We asked the passengers what was the one thing they did most.

  • 28% engaged in our traditional media: 12% staring out the window (presumably well-positioned to be exposed to outdoor billboards) and 18% listened to the radio
  • 52% were locked in their phones: 22% on social media, 16% listening to music on their phones, and 14% playing games on their phones
  • and 14% talk to others and 6% read and write.