Re-inventing media with marketing science

Limelight Consulting uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide advertisers, their agencies and media owners with motivation-based psychographic consumer segmentations and media strategies that produce world-class media strategies for traditional and digital media SegmentationMedia Strategy

Consumers are unique

Design your engagement around what consumers and customers think (psychographics) and what they do (behaviour).

Expert analytics for

We employ a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering) and graphical techniques, to provide a simple and easy understanding of how, when and where to engage with consumers.



Far beyond age, income, ethnicity, and gender, we investigate psychographic differences (what people think) and behavioural differences (what people do) through marketing science to develop unique consumer segmentations that work for your brand.


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Media Strategy

Our zero-based approach to budgeting and consumer-focussed approach to communication and channels combine to ensure a deep and insightful understanding of optimal messaging and choices of traditional- and digital-media.


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New Media Training

Most marketers have only a broad understanding of traditional media and, at best, a vague understanding of digital.  Our training fully prepares brand teams to engage with and agencies and media at a management level.


Why re-train?


Ross is a visionary.  He is exceptionally talented on a creative and strategic level.  His energy is infectious, his ideas are big, his ability to communicate with ease is remarkable.  I would jump at the opportunity to work with Ross again.

Samantha Claire Lewis – Communications Specialist


A really exciting journey

Working with Limelight has been a really exciting journey.  Their extensive knowledge of a somewhat tumultuous media landscape paired with an undeniable passion for the game has resulted in us executing a media strategy of world class standards.

Brett Solomon – Havaianas


Generation Z versus Millennials

A lot is written about Generation Z and Millennials. In a South African context, we take an objective look at the real media differences between Millennials (age 24 to 32) and Generation Z (under age 24). Twitter and Instagram are notably more popular amongst the...

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Streaming TV in South Africa

A long, long time ago, a marketer once said of streaming TV that "South Africans won't watch TV online".  That was the year 2005 and the year 2006, several times again and possibly many times today.  It just isn't the case anymore. Despite it being fair to say that...

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Generation Z versus Millennials

A lot is written about Generation Z and Millennials. In a South African context, we take an objective look at the real media differences between Millennials (age 24 to 32) and Generation Z (under age 24). Twitter and Instagram are notably more popular amongst the...

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Marketing Science

We work with advertisers and agencies

Marketing Science:


Every brand and every category is unique.  Broad industry surveys don’t cover the finer detail needed for true channel planning.  On top of our 33,000+ surveys, we add a customised 1,200 sample specific to your product category and your brand, and your competitors.

The data covers

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Category consumption (with questions unique to your category)
  • Brand use (with questions unique to your brand and to your competitors)
  • Social Media Consumption
  • Traditional Media Consumption
  • Attitudes toward different Communication Channels

We develop a unique consumer segmentation for your category and your brand using our Custom Media Research.  Simple LSMs, SEMs or Basic Demographics (age, gender and income) don’t provide enough insight in to consumers’ motivations for using categories, products and communication channels.

Demographics combined with a Psychographic segmentation give you unique consumer groups and a unique consumer insight for each segment which will inform us how and where you should communicate with your market.

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Marketing Science:

Media Strategy

In our digital-first economy, we need a deeper understanding of traditional media, social media and all other forms of communication channels.

Using the outcome of the Custom Media Research and the Consumer Segmentation, we develop a plan which will inform us:

  • in which communication channels you should communicate,
  • what tactics to employ within each communication channel,
  • which media offerings from each communication channel are most important to your consumers, and
  • how to share investment between communication channels

We work with advertisers, their agencies and media-owners

Advertisers who are contracted to media buying agencies

Our core function is deep understanding of the relationships that brands’ consumers have with different media (new media and traditional media).  We work closely with marketers to develop a comms plan which will provide the guidance (and brief) for their media buying agencies, digital agencies an advertising agencies.


Advertisers who are not contracted to a buying agency

Once we have developed a comms plan we help marketers find the best solutions in today’s world.  As a business consultancy, we find marketers the best zero-based solution to procuring their media – whether it’s through a traditional buying house, bringing certain functions in-house or dealing direct with media owners.


Media Owners

As the line merges between media booking agencies and owners, more and more media owners are needing to provide their clients (be they direct clients or agencies) with more detailed media proposals.  We help media owners sell their platforms with deeper understanding than is provided in bog-standard media research and we also help them “spoon feed” agencies to ensure proposals get through to clients.


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